Sanna Live

About Sanna Ehdin Live Sanna Ehdin Anandala is a Swedish health-guru with a huge following and is the author of an impressive library of health-related books. She hosts live events where she can reach and directly help people lead a happier and healthier life. Project Sanna Live I launched the website Sanna Live in order to provide a platform for …

Smarta Diabetiker

About Smarta Diabetiker A non-porift organization in Sweden. Mission Their goal is to provide a platform for diabetics in order to find new and alternative ways to treat all forms of diabetes both within the frames of the standard healthcare system and in a supplementary form. Notably, the Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) diet is one of the cornerstones in successfully managing …

Hotel NI-MO

Hotel NI-MO

Relaunched the site with some minor design polishes, with the focus of optimizing the website for google. Converted website to WordPress Responsive Design Implemented Event Gateway Reworked Call to Action Optimized Pictures Set Up CloudFlare Reverse Proxy SEO HTML Structure Optimization Performance Optimization Improved Front-Page Slider


Relaunch of the website for the International School of Pyschology in Zürich using a customized and themed Word Press site. Updated: December 2015: Search Engine Optimization Event Engine Stripe Payment Gateway Completed: November 2014: Analyzed website traffic behavior of the old website and deduced the target groups for the website. Created interaction design mockups to reflect page layout and responsive behavior. … Product Browser

Website that uses the Amazon Product Advertizing API and the products that were purchased through, in order to expose the products to google such that a higher search engine placement is achieved. The application grabs the orders and then matches them with Amazon products and stores the information for 24 hrs, after which it updates the product information. New categories …